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Barry E. Walter Sr. Co.
2550 East Platte Avenue
Fort Morgan, CO 80701

Phone: 800-767-5552 Fax: 800-886-9831

Hours (MST): Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

We hear from customers all the time,
                            here is what a few of them have said...

[from Texas]

[After CESCO replaced the interlocking 2-part levers with the 3-part
original lever assembly on the Burlington Models, P/N 000-1510A]

"Thank you for the new old linkage. We have changed out the linkage [lever assembly, P/N 000-1510A] on your model 15 and 20R Burlington and after installing the new old linkage we found this brings the product back to the higher standard that we were used to with your product. With the new old linkage we are confident that we can install your products in our customers homes and businesses and rest assured these products will work properly for years to come with little or no problems."

[from New York] 

"I received the replacement parts that you sent, and they solved the problem instantly. Thank you very much for your patience and kindness in helping me. It's very satisfying to keep your well-made brass work functioning, rather than replacing it with a short-lived plastic version; and it's nice to know that there are still firms like yours, that care about the people who use their products."

[from Massachusetts]

"I have four of your Burlington #20R ballcocks in my apartments and my own residence. The reason I use them is the ease of repairing them. I now am having a problem finding parts such as seats and washers which are the only parts needed to keep them operating properly. I would like to know where in this area I can buy parts. I am not just a homeowner trying to fix things myself. I am a master plumber who happens to be a homeowner."

[from Missouri]

"...One of my responsibilities prior to my retirement was to oversee my company's customer service activity. I learned that a fine product cannot take the place of a customer's problem, particularly when the customer is scratching his head as I was last week.
Thank you for going that extra mile and going far beyond the ordinary response by giving me first class service. It was appreciated, and I am very grateful." 


Barry E. Walter Sr. Co. 2550 East Platte Avenue - Fort Morgan, CO 80701 - 800-767-5552

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