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Chesprocott Health District - News: Noticeably Quieter and Smoother
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Section: What People say
Noticeably Quieter and Smoother
Author: Paul Bergstrom
Last Update: Sep 12, 2009

Scovill Model 16A Ballcock
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[A "Thank you letter" from a amazed end-user in Reading, MA]

"I recently had the need to change the ball cock assembly in my American Standard® toilet.  I chose the Cesco Brass [Scovill Model 16A] ball cock assembly because it appeared to be of higher quality than the other products on the market. The competitor's product contained a great deal of plastic parts. After the new assembly was installed, I was amazed to find that the noise that I had gotten used to, was gone. This new assembly was noticeably quieter and smoother operating. I never realized that this product could make such a difference. I will certainly ask for the Cesco Brass ball cock assembly by name for any future replacements. It's nice to know that there still is a company that cares about quality. Thank you for making such a well designed and great performing product."

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    Noticeably Quieter and Smoother

Noticeably Quieter and Smoother
"Thank you letter" from a amazed end-user in Reading, MA about the 16A toilet fill valve.
What People Say
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